NEUTRA is a company that traces its roots to 1880 in Italy, in the heart of Brianza, specialising in the supply and processing of marble and natural stone. With more than 140 years of history, the brand is known and appreciated for its knowledge in the production of furniture with a minimalist and rigorous style. Products and furnishing accessories are made with sartorial care leveraging the company’s technological expertise and profound knowledge of materials which are focus of its collections.



With more than 140 years of strong family tradition and four generations of constant innovation, the company has been considered as a milestone in the stone industry for its high quality standards and reliability.
An excellence of Made in Italy appreciated worldwide.



Products are made with sartorial care, leveraging the company’s technological expertise and the craftmanship abilities to shape marble blocks.



The company is equipped with wholly automated CNC machining centers operated by specialized technicians.
Finishing, treatment, and QI phases too are accurately workers.




Arnaboldi Angelo srl gives birth to NEUTRA, an original and elegant collection of elements and complements whose quality solutions for the bathroom, designed according to the new wellness concepts.


NEUTRA bathroom includes wash-basins and wall-mounted wash-basins, monoliths, bathtubs, shower trays, shelves but also tiles for textures.
Every Neutra product is carved from a uniquel block of natural stone.

Neutra _ Bathroom collection


It’s time for a new challenge for NEUTRA that lends all its expertise in the living area, designing tables and cabinet always respecting its own style easily recognizable for the care and the simplicity of the lines.

Neutra _ Living collection


In 2022 NEUTRA’s development reached an important turning point, when the brand was acquired by Emanuele Chicco Busnelli, son of Piero Ambrogio Busnelli, the historic B&B Italia founder.


Chicco Busnelli’s ownership provides new vitality and initiates a research process into “timeless elegance” – a new generation of furnishings in marble, stone and other materials, distinguished by a strong personality.
This is an important evolution marked by the new creative direction entrusted to Migliore+Servetto design studio.




NEUTRA provides a “tailor‐made” service for a complete customer satisfaction experience, following every step: from design and purchase of material, to production and quality control, up to transport and installation on site. The results are unique pieces where the relation between technique and design still remains unparalleled and is even stronger.


The company operates in the hospitality, retail, yachting, residential, wellness and corporate sectors.