NEUTRA is an original brand by Arnaboldi Angelo Srl, an important name that since 1880, year of its founding, has been specializing in the art of working marble, granite, onyx, stones and quartzes.
With more than 130 years of strong family tradition and four generations of constant innovation, NEUTRA is a “milestone” in the stone industry that guarantees a reliable quality.



Arnaboldi Marmi
Arnaboldi Marmi
Arnaboldi Marmi


In 2006 Arnaboldi Angelo srl gives birth to NEUTRA, an original and elegant collection of elements and complements whose aim is to provide top‐quality solutions for the bathroom, designed according to the new wellness concepts. NEUTRA philosophy pivots on clear and precise key concepts for an experimental approach to the world of home and wellness, which in the last few years has experienced deep changes and striking innovations.


NEUTRA leverages an innovative and revolutionary language in the contemporary design scene, which results in the cooperation with prominent architects and designers ‐ among them: Matteo Thun, Elia Nedkov, Nespoli e Novara, Luca Martorano and Steve Leung. Each of them features a different style and personality, but all of them have in common high‐level creativity and contemporary contents acknowledged worldwide thus enriching the Neutra design offering as well as its range of products.


NEUTRA bathroom includes wash‐basins and wall‐mounted wash‐basins, monoliths, bathtubs, shower trays, shelves but also tiles for floor and wall with original textures. Every Neutra product is carved from a uniquel block of natural stone.


2015: it’s time for a new challenge for NEUTRA that lends all its expertise in the living division, designing tables and furniture collections always respecting its own style easily recognizable for the care and the simplicity of the lines.


The production cycle is entirely carried out in‐house: the company is equipped with wholly automated CNC machining centers operated by specialized technicians. Finishing, treatment, and QI phases too are accurately monitored by highly qualified workers.


Arnaboldi means craftsmanship and Made in Italy and provides a wide range of services:

• technical support;
• field survey to get the exact measures;
• technical drawings including assembly instructions;
• installation by skilled staff.


NEUTRA provides a “tailor‐made” service for a complete customer satisfaction experience in terms of residential, contract or yachting interior design. This service allows implementing ad‐hoc projects always keeping a top‐quality standard. The results are unique pieces where the relation between technique and design still remains unparalleled and is even stronger.

It is just this unequalled peculiarity that has soon allowed NEUTRA to start valuable business collaborations with the most important and celebrated associate architects.