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The DELOS collection comes from the idea of crafting a versatile series of coffee tables, each distinct in shape and size, designed to be paired. Inspiration came from ancient maritime maps with multiple converging lines crossing the seas and lands to help navigators’ measurements. In the same way the collection’s surfaces are adorned with intersecting lines that divide them into sections, reminiscent of origami creases or the geometric motifs found in abstract art. These lines form the tables’ structural essence, with slender sheets of metal rising from the base to merge with the marble top, revealing themselves on the surface. The result is a series of clean geometric forms, defined by an interplay of full and empty spaces, which combine to create complex and captivating figures.
The designers describe DELOS “as a collection marked by precision and order, punctuated by bold features that disrupt the harmony, like streaks of light piercing the darkness.”
The collection is available in square (100×100 cm and 150×150 cm), rectangular (150×100 cm), and round (diameter 75 cm) versions, showcased during the exhibition in various finishes – leather with polished brass, mixed Cipollino marble with polished brass, lava stone with polished steel, and Verde Antigua marble with polished steel.

Available materials


Stones and marbles


Verde Antigua
Mixed Cipollino

Lava stone




More materials and finishings on demand.


We are able to realize bespoke products, give to the client a turnkey service, from the design studio to the installation on site, and ship all over the world in countries such as Europe, United States, Israel, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, etc.

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