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The EOS pendant lamp, inspired by the Greek goddess of dawn, pays homage to the classical columns of Greek temples. The columns’ archetypal shape inextricably blends aesthetics and function. Its distinctive grooves provide an ornamental feature and a visual and tactile solution to refine its cylindrical shape, amplifying its stature and verticality in a singular dimension of 10x10x70 cm. These grooves provide plasticity to the shape making its surface resonate when struck by diffused light. When arranged in groups, these pendants create a light and darkness dramatic effect, reminiscent of temple columns bathed in the early morning light.

The designers said: “The EOS lamp’s grooved surfaces fracture the light, creating a dance of light and dark.”

It is an aerial micro-architecture, a sculpture of matter and light. Available in mixed Cipollino and Cipollino Cremo marbles with burnished brass details, this lamp can be made in other marble and metal combinations upon request.

Examples of composition

Available materials


Stones and marbles


Cipollino cremo




More materials and finishings on demand.


We are able to realize bespoke products, give to the client a turnkey service, from the design studio to the installation on site, and ship all over the world in countries such as Europe, United States, Israel, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, etc.

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