Islas by Draw Studio

The tabletop has an organic, sleek, and airy design, shaped by smooth curves and tight arcs, while the monolithic base is crafted from solid marble blocks and tapered, meticulously hand-finished metal wedges, available in two sizes: 285×145 cm and 320×160 cm.
This project is marked by a continuous interplay of dualities – two interconnected pieces that animate the collection and allow diverse configurations. The two materials chosen are marble, NEUTRA’s preferred medium, and metal, valued for its exquisite craftsmanship and finish. The design is based on two concepts – one vibrant, organic, and spontaneous,
the other measured, rigorous, and minimalist. This item is a fusion of two brand identities – the tradition of meticulous, hand-finished craftsmanship and the cutting-edge technological innovation that shaped its development from concept to production.
Luca Martorano and Mattia Albicini said: “ISLAS is a visionary work, hovering between solemnity and dynamism, restraint and audacity, simplicity and richness.”

Available in mixed Cipollino marble paired with a burnished brass leg, the design can feature alternative marble and metal combinations upon request.

Islas 320

Islas 285

Main composition

Examples of possible compositions

Available materials


Stones and marbles


Mixed Cipollino



More materials and finishings on demand.


We are able to realize bespoke products, give to the client a turnkey service, from the design studio to the installation on site, and ship all over the world in countries such as Europe, United States, Israel, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, etc.

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