Terrae by Draw Studio

The TERRAE collection’s modular seating showcases a dramatic contrast between a “shell” made of rigorous, defined marble tops and plush, inviting upholstery. The marble ends cradle the cushions, accentuating their luxurious softness.
The design’s inclined profile and asymmetrical backrests disrupt conventional shapes, crafting a dynamic and varied visual landscape.
The collection is rich in intricate details, from the cusp carving framing the stone sides which is echoed along the front plinth, to the precise stitching outlining the upholstery. A curated selection of premium leather, fabrics, and distinctive stones enhances the collection’s allure. The seating’s quality and comfort stem from a spring system encased in multi-density foam and an aluminium frame with custom fittings and aluminium pivots crafted from solid material.
The collection includes end and middle modules, and chaise longue in two sizes (1000 cm and 1850 cm), enabling linear, angular or more dynamic configurations, embracing the living space with their unique forms.
Designers Luca Martorano and Mattia Albicini said: “Designing TERRAE was like capturing the tranquillity of waves against smooth rocks.

1000 Modules

1850 Modules

Examples of possible compositions


We are able to realize bespoke products, give to the client a turnkey service, from the design studio to the installation on site, and ship all over the world in countries such as Europe, United States, Israel, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, etc.

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